Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor centrum.pl, EEEZEE Products / GameMill Entertainment LLC, iWin.com 2007

An eccentric multi-millionaire called Charles Johnson hires a Hawaiian-based diving team to search for Japan's 800-year-old Diamond Medal, set with a 96-carat gem. This is a standard hidden object game. Objects (from a list at the top of the screen) have to be found within a time limit on locations cluttered with them. Three hints are provided at the start of each location. Using them removes 45 seconds from the timer. Each wrong click subtracts 10 seconds. Air tanks increase the time left by 30 seconds when collected. Jigsaw puzzles appear between stages and have to assembled. There are two timers at the top of the screen. The first one shows the time left to collect all the objects in the screen, the second one marks the overall time of the stage (comprised of several locations). When the first clock runs out, the location is reset with a new list of objects to be found. When the stage timer stops, the player has to find everything from all the stage locations again.
Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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