Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror Monkey Barrel Games / Big Fish Games 2009

The owner of a mysterious mirror, a family heirloom passed through generations, goes to the town of Fairwich to investigate the history of the ancient artifact. A local legend tells about a magical mirror hidden in the abandoned castle, put up for auction after the town's recent financial turmoil. The owner must investigate all the rooms of the forlorn place, to uncover the past and find the truth behind the old tales. This is a hidden object game, where the player must find and click on all the items from a list at the bottom of the screen, on rooms of an old castle filled with assorted objects. There's a time limit to solve each location, shown as a countdown timer at the top of the list. Some rooms have special objects and interactive spots, where the player must move portions of the scenery to reveal a hidden box or key. The key is stored temporally on a slot fitting its shape at the bottom interface, to be used later to unlock a box. Boxes contain mirror shards, also stored in perfectly fitting slots lined up at the top of the list. Mini-games appear from time to time, with recurring jigsaw puzzles and mirror puzzles where a beam of light must be guided by reflecting it from a series of mirrors positioned around the screen, making it shine directly on a final hand mirror to reveal a secret message. Sometimes the screen is split in two similar, but mirrored, images and the player must find all the discrepancies between the two. There are five hints stored as hand mirror icons at the bottom-right corner, that show the exact position of one of the required objects when used. Extra hints can be found and collected on the rooms, laying around the scenery.
Full Demo + Strategy Guide 66+41MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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