Hidden Mysteries: Civil War - Secrets of the North & South GameMill Entertainment LLC, Gunnar Games, Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc 2008

This is a hidden object game with an American war of secession theme. The plot follows the lives of three fictional generals throughout the conflict. The game takes place in static screens with several objects, representing key battles during the war. Some of the objects, like cassette tapes, are quite anachronistic. The goal is to find all objects from a list at the left of the screen. Also, letters and other documents provide background about history and the lives of the characters. Three hints are provided at the start of each location. When used, they make one of the required objects glow for some seconds. The player can acquire extra hints any time by playing the Minesweeper-inspired cannonball mini-game.
Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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