Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace GameMill Entertainment LLC, Gunnar Games, Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc 2008

This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. Famous locations of the palace are represented as static screens filled with assorted objects. The player has to find and click on the required objects from a list at the left side of the screen. Some objects are stored in the inventory, accessible as a treasure chest at the top of the list, to be used later to solve puzzles. Crowns are also hidden on the scenery, on every location. They give 5 credits points for the hint system. Clicking on one of the list items brings up the three hint purchase options, that show the object silhouette, its image or where it is. More explicit hints are also more expensive. At the end of each act, the player must use the inventory objects on interactive hotspots to solve some puzzle, for example using the lighter on candles. Sometimes a mini-game appears, where anagrams have to be constructed, paintings have to be swapped and put in the correct order and other similar challenges.
Full Demo 55MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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