Hidden Relics ToyboxGames Inc. / Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 2007

A student of archaeology called Adrianna Stone is summoned by her professor to travel around the globe, searching for stolen relics. This is a hidden object game, where players have to find the scattered items from a list at the right side of the screen, within a time limit. Each name from the list can be clicked to show a brief description and a picture of the object. Besides the common object hunt, there are special relics that have to be collected using one of the gadgets at the bottom. These machines are acquired at the gadget shop, available at the start of each chapter. They pulsate on the screen when a relic is hidden on the scenery. All the gadgets work the same way, when one of them is selected a round lens viewer appears on the screen that can be moved around, showing a distorted view of the scenery. A relic only appears when the lens is over it. The only difference between the gadgets is the way they distort the image. The magnifier only increases the image, while the sonar makes it swirl around the viewer. The gadgets are purchased at the shop with the stars received from playing mini-games. These games are implementations of classic puzzles: concentration, sliding-tiles, jigsaw and Tower of Hanoi. The games become more complex after each round. For example, the number of discs on the Hanoi puzzle increase after solving it. At the end of each chapter, there's a variation of gameplay as the final challenge. Sometimes the list is replaced with small pictures of specific parts of the screen that must be found and clicked by the player. In other moments the player has to search for several instances of the same object. There is also a spot-the-difference screen, where the player has to click on the differences between two similar images. Special items are concealed on the screen, like the magnifying glass that gives extra hints, and cans of gasoline that allow the player to travel to another location.
Full Demo 105MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Full Demo 93MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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