Hoyle Board Games 2005 Sierra On-Line 2004

This includes many classics from previous versions and some extras thrown in. Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Rummy, Pachisi, Reversi and Dominoes make up the old timers. Dice games include Yacht (Yahtzee), Triple Yacht (which is a three-rowed version of Yacht for much longer games), Zilch (a fun and fast-paced Yahtzee-like dice game) and Word Yacht (hands you 10 dice with random letters and a limited time to make words out of them – great for honing your grammar skills). Hoyle has a tendency to bundle other games into the mix and this edition includes Maximum Pool. The game is more simulator than arcade game, with varying degrees of difficulty dictating visual aids (such as ball trajectory) and AI competency overall. It’s a very fun two-player experience if you enjoy pool games, and a host of classic and special game types give plenty of room for variety. Other good pickings includes DoubleCross (Scrabble), Battling Ships (Battleship) and Master Match (Mastermind). Then you have rewards for each accomplishment (Hoyle Bucks), a catalog for buying stuff and the ever customizable Facemaker.
ISO Demo 739MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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