Nocturnal Hunt Wolf Pack 2017

This was born at the Games Academy as a students project in the third and fourth semester. It is a dark, first-person stealth game for PC where you play a wolf. Be a wolf in a forest full of cruel hunters and rescue your stolen cub. Sneak your way through the gloomy woods or rip your opponents apart. No matter how, find your way to Brasov - the village of the hunters and the core of the evil. Hunt or you will be hunted. Story playthrough: 15-45 minutes, Completionist 2h+ Wolf Instincts - Smell what you are not able to see. Trace tracks, discover hidden collectibles and see enemies through obstacles across distances. Brutal Kills - Target your enemies with stealth. When you are close enough to attack your targets, your wolf jaw will become visible. That is the time to attack and rip your victim into pieces. Breaking Bottles - Walk on bottles to break them to lure nearby hunters. Any hunter who hears the noise will investigate the source. The lure tactic can be used to your advantage. Choose your playing style - as a stealth game, can be played without a single kill. You have the choice: bloody beast or non-violent wolf. Depending on your playing style you can get different rewards with each playthrough and unlock several achievements. Some of the rewards are quite hard to achieve. The search for your cub makes you hungry. Explore the unknown world and look for hidden meat. Keep your wolf eyes open. The meat might be in the darkest corners of the forest. The areas are rather small, but filled with details and ambience: Mountain - Strong wind. Cold nights. Your home. The hunters don't enter your territory unless they don't have a choice; Forest - The hunter cult from Brasov is invading the forest. Year by year they reach further into what used to be yours; Mine - The humans destroyed the mountains by drilling holes in them. These mines are the only way left to enter the village. It won't be easy to get through there without being seen; Village - The citadel of human rottenness. The smell of death and feces is in the air. Huts constructed of dead trees and on top of it all their monument of death: The Cultists Church.
Download: None currently available

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