Geosmart ComputerHouse / Egmont Games 1997

This is a program in the field of infotainment: The user explores Europe in a playful way. It starts in a city with the mission to find another city, which can be seen on a pop-up image. You play here against the computer, which must also fulfill an order. In addition one receives a note as well as a starting balance of 100 Marks. This money is needed for tickets to other cities. Upon arrival in a new city, you can try to get a bonus in the form of money, a note or a ticket. When the money runs out, you can either work or try to hitchhike. For this you have to answer each time quiz questions in the multiple choice method. At work, there are 15 marks for each correct answer. To hitchhike, you have to answer three questions one after the other correctly. However, it can happen that you are taken in the wrong direction. You can also get hints if you answer four questions correctly in the library. This game brings the user close to the rich beauty of many areas of Europe without getting boring. Through the huge pool of quiz questions, the general knowledge is playfully refreshed and expanded, as is shown in a wrong answer the right one.
Finnish Clone ISO Demo 127MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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