Kankin Illusion 1995

The year is 2197. In order to be able to compete with the leading powers of the world, Japan was urbanized, huge city areas covering the entire country. In these huge, soulless cities, crime thrives. Violence is part of everyday life. Female police agents Sagoto, Kikuno, and Chisame are sent to Koube City to arrest drug dealers. But all goes wrong in the very beginning, and the young women fall victims to vicious criminals. Kankin has none of the classic (since Mokkoriman RPG) Illusion gameplay elements, and is low on interactivity even compared to other Japanese adventures. The player's input is reduced to choosing available menu options. Wrong choices may sometimes lead to Game Over, but most of the time the player has to go through all the options several times to make the story advance. There is no character movement whatsoever in the game, and the characters from whose point of view the story is told change with each scene, and include other minor characters beside the three main heroines. "Kankin" shares its dark futuristic setting and several characters (such as Kikuno and others) with other Illusion games, in particular its follow-up Requiem Hurts: Kankin.
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Japanese ISO Demo 183MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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