Indus Valley: Hidden Treasure Addicting Games 2008

Uncover the secrets of an intriguing treasure-laden piece of land. This hidden object game has easy mechanics, where you only have to click on objects to fit them onto the group of rock slabs which is basically your list of things to find. The color scheme of the game is brown so you might find it difficult to search for items that are small or thin because they so perfectly blend in together. You can play in two modes which is researcher or challenger mode. To conquer both modes, you need to open your eyes to find the items and occupy all of the rock slabs on the side of the screen. If you click consecutively three times in a row and have not discovered a correct item, then you get a grave time penalty of ten seconds added to your clock. If all is lost and you cant find anything else, there are three available power tools that you can use to your advantage.
Full Demo 5.6MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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