Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Thatcher Productions 2012

This fanmade game that's an Openbor mod (Open Beats of Rage) pays homage to the classic arcade game. This story revolves around an Alien Invasion trying to take over earth. Homer, Bart and Krusty work there way through the Aliens as they unleash all sorts of enemies and even teleport characters from other times and dimensions to assist them. Features: Loads of exciting levels and environments, characters and bosses (including characters not just from Simpsons lore but also Futurama and Family Guy cameos); mini game set in a makeshift kwik e mart where you can get bonus lives; vehicle levels; Big boss battles; NPCs who can assist you; weapons. Includes Bonus games: Reclaim Burns Manor - Where you are Vampire Mr Burns and you must stop criminals from looting your mansion; Tournament mode - Where you must face enemies in one on one combat; Family Guy - where you are Peter and see the events that unfold before he and his family are teleported to Springfield; Gallery mode - special images for your viewing pleasure.
Free Game v2.0.0 90MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
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