Three Dog Night Wicked Hardcorg, Chevron Elephant 2017

This is an original pixel-style game made exclusively using RPG Maker MV. In terms of genre, we like to call it a "lighthearted horror." Let's face it - there are just not enough games out there where you can play as dogs. This is a game that provides all the fun you could ever want in playing as a dog. You will take control of Sydney, Frank, and Holmes, three unsuspecting pooches just going about their trip to the dog park when they, quite literally, bark up the wrong tree, thrusting them into a strange world unlike anything they've ever seen or smelled. Work cooperatively, using each pup's special skills to explore new surroundings and solve puzzles, all the while learning more about the evil forces at work behind it all. Will you be able to get these poor sad and hungry doggos home? Will they ever get to go on a ride in the car again!?
Free Game 211MB (uploaded by RPG Maker)

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