Endless Journey, The Yetu Game 2018

In the 19th century when steam interlaced with magic, a magician named Valjean set foot on a journey of atonement with the mechanical puppet "Cosette" he made. On their way, they met 4 animals in a fairytale town, who were going to be musicians in Bremen... A fantasy adventure originated from the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales is about to start. Features: exquisite hand-painted map; 44 elaborate stages designed by senior designer Mao Xiao Quan; rich fun puzzles; discover two possible solutions for some puzzles - explore side-missions increasing intimacy level with your favorite character; 3 songs and more than 10 BGM tracks specially composed for the game by independent musician TetraCalyx; all-star voice artists including YUKIri, Hanser, Lengquanyeyue, and Ajie accompany you throughout the journey, and performed in the theme song.
Download: None currently available

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