Bibi Blocksberg 9: Meine große Hexprüfung [G] KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2003

The school year is coming to an end. Bibi is facing her exams in nine lessons of the witch, hoping for the help of her friends in front of the screen. The old witches Mania, Amanda and Barbara Blocksberg have come up with some tricky tasks. Bibi has to complete a bobbing flight in broomsticks by moonlight, sort faces mixed up in Witchcraft Mirroring, and properly mix hex potions. Their responsiveness is tested with Aunt Mania's wicked dresser, from which objects must be collected. In herbalism, Mania Bibi asks about herbs and their effects. Very important is the Witches Einmaleins, where witch customs are queried and hexology, for which Bibi must know their hexes by heart. Feeding owls in Hexschwebekunde is not an easy task, but still better than order and cleanliness. The subject does not like Bibi. Nevertheless, the escaped fireflies must be captured. Order and cleanliness are a must for every full-fledged witch. There are grades from one to six for completing the exams. The special attraction of the CD-ROM is that it masters all nine games so well that the witch product can be seen. The games are not too easy and can be played in any order. If you are satisfied with your results, you can print out his witch certificate and maybe even visit a proper school of witch soon.
German ISO Demo 425MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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