Franky the Bumwalker Onlyjoy's Production / Dagestan Technology 2018

This is an adventure game featuring quirky hero travelling in unique and fun world. Explore Tubo world, inhabited by unique creatures. Solve the mystery of Zakruel - mystic artifact that grants his owner happiness. Meet Lulambas - worm-like folks, that can travel underground. Taste pontimato - it's like a tomato but with surprise inside. Features original soundtrack by famous Monti. Due to the unfortunate side effects of a teleportation jaunt, Franky indeed walks on his bum. He gets around fine though, and his constantly sunny disposition is the heart of the game. Guide Franky as he explores the magical Tubo World, seeking adventure and meeting all kinds of interesting inhabitants. Once you learn of the mystery of the secret of the Magic Zakruel, your adventure really begins. Teleportation DLC includes a small extra scene with mini game, which adds to main story. You'll see how portal between the worlds looks like and how exactly teleportation goes, also the next world Franky appeares in.
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Download: None currently available

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