Sawkoban Bullid Games 2018

Welcome to a game of solving logical puzzles in which you have to move boxes to given points to obtain keys. After collecting a certain amount of keys, you can use them to release one of your dear family members from the hands of the maniac. Features: Simple controls; An unique and thrilling setting; Amazing visuals; A large number of fun and unique levels; Countless achievements for you to collect; Compatibility on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS). Do you remember how you were worried about the protagonists of various horror movies? Do you remember how the heroes of these same movies sympathized with the victims of psychopaths and kidnappers, without even assuming that they might become one? Well, the opportunity has come as a crazy maniac kidnapped your family, forcing you to solve puzzles, move boxes and gather keys to release them one after another? It was naive to believe you can avoid such a fate, as a mistake from your past has led to you and your family being held captive by a sophisticated sadist. It's time to atone for your sins and save your important relatives. The game has begun.. now.
Download: None currently available

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