Top Blade [K] Sonokong 2001

In this game based on Beyblade spinning toys, the player is an animated hero, "Gangmin". The game follows the background and storyline of the TV animation. There is a background story from the games of the Asian Championships up to 17 TV animations. There are 16 missions for players to enjoy in the game. Because the game goes to the same scenario as the TV animation, you need to take the same approach. But in this scenario, when the game is over, the player adds that the game is in rest mode, only to watch the TV animations once through the game. This rest mode is a mode that exchanges the waves so that you always have the ability of the top blade to be prepared for the next scenario of Auto mode. As you proceed through the scenario in Auto mode, you can save the game in the middle, or play back the saved game.
Korean ISO Demo (Re-release) 552MB (uploaded by myloch)

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