Little Shop: World Traveler GameHouse, Inc. 2009

This is the sixth entry in the hidden object series. As the main protagonist, the player has to go on trips around the globe to find and acquire assorted items for several clients. The main interface is very similar to the one in the previous titles: a static scene showing the location is presented with several objects discreetly placed over certain parts of the scenery. The objective is to search and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, with a minimum of ten objects to complete the level, and a maximum of fifteen to receive a gold star. Besides the required list entries, each scene has special power-ups that are activated when clicked. Cameras of any type make the screen all bright with their flash lamps, making the list objects stand out from the white background for a few seconds. Thermometers create a layer of icicles or a wall of fire on each visible list entry, becoming hotter or colder when the cursor is near or far from them. ? marks give extra hints, while ! points activate a power-up related to the location. In the forest, this specific power is a compass whose needle spins faster when near one of the list objects. A trophy is received after collecting all suitcases and passport stampers. The Shake-It mini-game at the end of each trip is a new addition to the formula, where a box filled with several small items is shown from a top view, and the player has to drag and shake it to uncover some key objects. In some rounds, the goal is to find several instances of the same object. In others, the objective is to find items like dices and cards that add up to a specified sum. All the locations completed in the main mode can be replayed in the Blitz Mode, where the objective is to find all the objects from a scene as fast as possible, to achieve a high score.
Full Demo 63MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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