Lost Realms: Legacy of the Sun Princess Blue Lizard Games, Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc 2009

The protagonist here is Alexia. When the game starts she is having a dream about a Incan city that's burning. Alexis thinks the dream is trying to tell her something, and together with her friend Nicole she takes a plane to Cuzcu, Peru to get the answers she need. Once there, the two travellers go to the ancient Inca trail to get clues. The gameplay works like any other hidden object game. The player is presented with a picture with plenty of objects. The player's task is to find certain listed object by clicking on them. For each picture there is a time limit of ten minutes. Clicking frequently will reduce the time further. If stuck, the player has six hints that can be used to circle one of the remaining objects. If that isn't enough the player can get more hints by playing three different mini games. The first one pottery game, where the player has to make clay fit a figure. The second is a painting game, where the player has to memorize the colours of a picture. In the third mini game, the player has to dress a doll by playing another hidden object game and clicking on the right clothes. For every successful mini game, the player gets two extra hints. Sometimes the player will be challenged with a puzzle that must be solved to advance. It is possible to skip the puzzles, but then the player will lose all of his hints.
Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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