Hoyle Word Games Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1999

Hoyle and Sierra bring their familiar format to eight different word games. Some are familiar such as: anagrams, crosswords, hangman, and word searches. Speedy Racer, is a test of your typing skills. Enigma is a simple letter-substitution code-breaking game. Word Yacht resembles Boggle where you must make as many different words of all sizes (from 3 letters up to 10) plus attain specific combos. Finally, DoubleCross is somewhat like Scrabble, you place your letter tiles on the board to make words and score points for each complete word you make. Partial words are allowed and can be completed later by you or another player. You can also customize the board with special spaces, such as blocking tiles and bombs. You can now create your own unique player icon with the Facemaker feature. Game options, music and backgrounds can be changed to your liking. A browsable online version of the complete Webster's New World College Dictionary is included and used by the game to determine valid words. You can play against computer opponents that make snarky comments about your gameplay or play online against other people through the Won.net servers.
ISO Demo 537MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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