Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper Ocean Media LLC / Digi Ronin Games LLC 2010

Dempsey Jo Killebrew gets entangled in a national corruption scandal, which has her lose her job, her home, and her friends. In this desperate situation, her father offers her an opportunity. He has recently inherited an old country mansion in Georgia, which has fallen in utter disrepair over the years. He wants his daughter to move to the small town of Guthrie and renovate the building, put it on the market, and split the profits with her. Lacking any other options, Dempsey moves from big-city bustle to small-town tranquility and starts fixing up the house, and her life. This is a hidden object game based on the eponymous romance novel by American author Mary Kay Andrews. By searching for objects, players help Dempsey clean up the mess in and around the house, and in mini-games perform several repair and renovation tasks. All the while, the FBI continues its investigation into the corruption allegations involving Dempsey, and keep watch over her. Mini-games can be skipped, and there are timed and untimed modes of play. Hovering over the name of an object displays its silhouette, while clicking it reveals its location in the scene, using up one of five hints available per scene. The number of available hints can be increased by finding house symbols, of which one is hidden in every scene.
Full Demo 102MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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