Benjamin Blumchen: Das Zoospiel [G] BVM Produktion / Kiddinx 2000

A creativity-enhancing game for children from 4 years, based on motifs from the popular series about the elephant Benjamin Blümchen. Have you ever been to the zoo ?! But probably never in the Neustadt Zoo with Benjamin Blümchen. There lives a lot of different animals: Kanga, the kangaroo child, Leo Leo, Robby Robbe and many others. They all need to be taken care of. That's what warden Karl usually does, but he had to go to an important zookeeper congress. It is a matter of honor for Benjamin and Otto to support him. Solve the various tasks that await them in five animal enclosures. In the process, the children playfully and incidentally learn how to develop creative solutions for different tasks. That makes for a lot of fun. A high replay value is also guaranteed, because there are always several ways to get to the destination.
German ISO Demo 111MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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