In The Name Of Freedom Hammer Games Studio 2017

This is a video game on ordinary lives affected by war and destructive conflicts through history around the globe. Episode One: Vietnam is free of charge in order for the next episodes to be known to the public eye. Being the sole character through the game, Anna works as a journalist in the US whose husband, an American soldier, disappears at the Vietnam War. At the request of her chief executive officer, she goes on a mission to the war zone, hoping to, both, find a clue of her husband and send reports to her employer. Game Features: Beautiful and atmospheric graphic made in Unreal Engine 4; Strong female protagonist; Fun and exciting platformer gameplay; Easy to pick up and play; Noncombat character; For fans of Tomb Raider and Uncharted games; Suitable for both female and male players.
Free Episode One 2GB (uploaded by

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