Cefore Pixelz Games / Crytivo 2018

Did you ever want to be an expert at blowing stuff up? It's a physics-based puzzler with a whimsical and simplistic art-style. You play as Baro and are contracted to demolish structures in the most creative ways possible. As the structures get bigger, your methods of demolition must get more creative. But try not to cause too much destruction. You control Baro, an intergalactic contractor in charge of gathering the data on different planets. To do so, Baro uses different tools (such as explosive charges, grapples, hot air balloons several others...) to destroy the environment and gather what he needs. Features: Customize your ship and visit different planets to collect the data Baro needs; Everything in the environment is 100% destructible and affected by the physics; Use the 15 different tools you want the way you want and get creative destroying the structures; Character customization - Unlock different skins and hats for the character (Baro); Fly around with your jet-pack; Over 45 unique and challenging levels.
Download: None currently available

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