Dora's Explorer Girls: Dora Links Mattel 2009

This CD-Rom was included with the Dora Links 13" interactive doll which could be connected by usb to a PC. This unlocks a Whole New World of DORA Links. Choose the Length of Dora's Hair, Choose Dora's Eye Color & the Color of Dora's Lips, Cheeks & her Jewelry. YOU can Solve Mysteries, Explore OVER 20 Locations, Receive Dora D-Mail, Design & Decorate, Help Dora Get Ready, Play Games & Earn Rewards, Meet New People Around Town. Other Playsets Available & MUST be Purchased Separately to add to Dora Links System. In 2014, the game servers were shut down.
Full Demo 558MB (uploaded by MasonRocks)
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