Mysterious City, The: Cairo Gold Casual Games / 2009

Like the previous title in the series, this is a hidden object game that follows closely all the standard conventions of the genre. Besides the obligatory screen cluttered with things, where the player must click on the required objects from a list at the right side of the screen, the game also has mainstay mini-games like jigsaw puzzles and spot-the-difference screens, where two similar images are put side by side and the player has to click on the differences. The plot is told through comic books screens that appear at the start of each day. Two characters, an old man and a young woman, are in Cairo trying to find three ancient artifacts. There's an option at the beginning of choosing between two time limits, 45 minutes or 100 minutes per day, each day comprised of several hidden object screens. The available locations, presented on a separate screen, can be played in any order. The hint button shows the position of one object, but removes two minutes from the timer after being used.
Full Demo 62MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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