Mystery of Unicorn Castle Fenomen Games / Big Fish Games Inc 2008

An American woman called Jane Morion receives a letter from England summoning her to the castle of her ancestors. She must find the castles' secrets to lift a curse that runs in the family. This is a seek-and-find game, where objects are discreetly concealed on the scenery, and the player must find the ones listed at the left of the screen. Sometimes the list of objects names is replaced by their silhouettes. There are other variations of gameplay. Sometimes the screen is split in two similar images, and the player has to click on the differences between them. In some places, the objective is to find several instances of the same object on the screen. Some objects are stored inside locked cabinets or boxes. A mini-game must be solved to open them. In the gearbox game the goal is to open a lock by placing gears on rotating pegs. There is a match-three puzzle, where the player drags rows and columns of symbols to make matches of three or more of the same type. Each successful match fills a gauge at the top that opens the lock when full. There is also a puzzle where a path between lock and key have to be created by rotating squares of a grid. In some locations objects have to be collected and used. For example, to light a darkened room the player has to pick up candles, put them on a candelabra, then find matches to light them on.
Full Demo 37MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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