Mystery P.I.: Lost In Los Angeles SpinTop Games / PopCap Games Inc. 2009

A famous Hollywood studio hires a private investigator to find the missing copy of an expensive unreleased movie, paying a reward of 15 million dollars if the film is retrieved within 17 hours. This is another straightforward hidden object installment to the SpinTop series of games, with identical gameplay to the earlier entries. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the objects from a list at the left side of the screen, on scenes filled with assorted objects depicting places in Los Angeles and other related locations. Besides the list objects, the player can optionally collect two special items on every screen, a film reel and a key, to unlock two extra modes. The game can be played with or without a time limit, available as an option at the beginning. Finding the required items in quick succession gives bonus points. The hint button highlights the position of a list entry, taking 7,500 points from the score with each use. Some of the entries are clues instead of the object name, for example displaying "direction finder" instead of "compass". In some cases, a task is described on the list as one of the entries, and the player must perform the action by dragging and dropping objects on top of each other to complete the scene. A mini-game has to be completed at the end of each chapter. They are the standard mini-games of the genre, like jigsaw puzzles, word search, tile matching, concentration and other similar challenges. The two extra modes are unlimited seek & find, where the goal is to find all the objects from each location, and a separate version of the tile matching game.
Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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