Mystery P.I.: The New York Fortune SpinTop Games / Popcap Games 2008

This is a hidden object game where, as a private detective hired by the family of a New York billionaire to retrieve his will, the player has to search screens filled with objects, finding and clicking on all the items from a list at the left side. Finding several consecutive list item gives extra points. Besides the required objects, an apple and a key appear on all locations. They can be optionally collected to unlock two extra modes. Each item gives 5,000 points, with 2,500 added when making a combo. Hints cost 7,500 points, and there's a wait between each use as the hint meter slowly fills back up. Some of the list items show clues instead of the object name. At the end of each chapter, one of four mini-games must be completed. In one of them, a picture is segmented in circles that must be rotated to unscramble the image. Another is a tile-matching game, where pair of tiles are swapped in a grid, and the player must align three or more matching icons to remove the background. The remaining mini-games are a word search puzzle and a jigsaw puzzle with square pieces. The two extra modes are unlimited seek and find, where the player has to find all the objects on each location, and spot-the-differences, where the screen is split in two similar images and the player must click on the differences.
Full Demo 34MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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