Lego Chess Krisalis Software Ltd. / LEGO Media International Inc. 1998

This is a computer chess game with LEGO figures such as a cowboys, Indians, sailors and pirates. It has a full 3D mode of the board with animated sequences, as well as a classic 2D, top-down overlay, shown over the 3D board. The camera can be rotated and it is possible to undo moves. During the game, clicking on a piece will show possible places to move to. If a piece is captured a comical video clip plays, with each different capture having its own movie. In the Story Mode a western or pirates theme can be chosen. It is a three-game chess tournament against the PC with cut-scenes. In the Tutorial Moe The Chess King, a LEGO King mini-figure with the voice of Elvis, teaches how to play chess, from basic movements to advanced techniques. The game also contains a Versus Mode to play matches against the PC, multiplayer (modem-to-modem, LAN and internet) and PC versus PC. A third, traditional chess set made from LEGO bricks can be chosen, and all three sets can be mixed.
ISO Demo + Patch 230MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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