Hoyle Puzzle Games 2004 Sierra Entertainment 2003

Only Hoyle gives you 17 of your favorite original puzzle games. Hoyle has brought together hours of puzzling entertainment. Problem solvers of all ages will enjoy these classics along with numerous new and exciting puzzle games. There isn't a puzzle game here you won't love to solve. With great games, fun characters, and accuracy that the Hoyle name guarantees, it's easy to see why Hoyle Puzzle Games is number one. 17 Favorite Puzzle Games: New! Rays; New! Word Searches: Save and print Word Searches to take on the road; Anagrams, Crosswords - Play against friends on the Internet; Gravity Tiles; Hangman; The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions - You are the inventor as you attempt to solve over 250 wildly imaginative puzzles; Slide Tiles; Mahjong Tiles - Play 17 variations of Mahjong Tiles, one of the most popular games around; Edge Tiles; Maze Racer; Maze Raider; Memory Tiles; Placer Racer - Be clever about where you shoot in this addicting arcade game; Solitaire Arcade; Star Collector; Time Breaker. Features: New! High Score List - Tracks your top scores for proof that you're a pro; Includes 1,000 crossword puzzles. Save and print crossword puzzles to take on the road; Create personalized characters with Facemaker. Choose your hairstyle, outfit and facial features - the possibilities are endless; Rules, hints and tips are just a mouse clip away; Choose the music, skill level and game variations; Easy to Install and start playing right away; Free Hoyle Rulebook and strategy guide.
ISO Demo 493MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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