Escape The Emerald Star SpinTop Games / PopCap Games Inc. 2011

The theme here is that you are alone and lost at sea aboard a mid-century luxury cruise liner called the Emerald Star. Where has everyone gone? Why is the ship a drift and in disarray? Each screen has an items list at the bottom that must be found before progressing in levels or theme as most traditional hidden object games. Some objects require small interactivity to complete like putting a cork in a bottle or placing objects in some logical order. Some objects to be found are also listed as a clue or phrase such as ‘not go but’ requiring the player to find the correct road sign. Just before level completion the player must complete a mini puzzle task with the game offering a different one from a selection of types from tile matching, crosswords, or match 3 etc. At the end of each level status for time, object counts, or achievements is also provided.
Full Demo 48MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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