Razing Ancients Duck 'n Cover Productions / Full Sail University 2010

Yu take on the role of a lone man in a world that is falling apart around him. Make your way through three incredibly intricate levels using eight seprate movement techniques including running, jumping, swinging, grappling, wall climbing, wall running, wall jumping, and ledge grabbing. Discover collectables, solve puzzles, and explore winding pathways throughout your journey to reveal the history and mystery of the Ancient. This was created by a team of 17 different producers, programmers, and artists over an intense five month period starting in January of 2010 through May 2010. As a team, they developed the concept and design of this game from scratch, drawing on elements of games they've enjoyed, specifically Shadow of the Colossus and Prince of Persia (2008), to create a fun and engaging gameplay experience with a sense of grand scale and excitement. Moving forward in production, all elements of the game were developed or created from the ground up, from the entire game engine to all of the art assets.
Free Game 142MB (uploaded by ForeverHood)

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