Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High Alawar Friday's Games / Viva Media LLC 2009

Natalie Brooks was scheduled to meet Chad Robertson, a former classmate and a friend, at his art gallery but when she discovered a strange man who could be mistaken for Chad, she knew that something had gone wrong. Add the fact that the mysterious stranger slipped away without answering any of her question and you'll understand that Natalie's detective side was awakened in less time than you can imagine... So now she's determined to search for her friend and to solve the mystery behind it all. This is the third game in the Natalie Brooks series. Each level has a puzzle that needs to be solved by finding objects, clues or anything else that can help Natalie in her quest. This will result in minigames like for example jigsaws. Sometimes you get to play a hidden object game. You're given a list of objects at the beginning of each level that you have to find before time runs out. Once spotted, you just click on the item to have it removed.
Full Demo 99MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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