Neptune's Secret Gogii Games Corp. / Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 2007

A magical amulet storing the power of the sea god Neptune is passed through generations, until the present days when it arrives in the hands of an orphan girl named Hannah. She grows up fascinated with the strange markings in the relic, and goes to Oxford to become an archaeologist. After graduating, she starts to search for the lost city of Atlantis. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. Instead of the usual list of objects names, the game shows their silhouettes on a vertical strip at the right side of the screen. Each scene has three gameplay sessions that must be completed to move on. In the first one, the objective is to search the scenery, finding and clicking on all the required silhouetted objects hidden among debris and other assorted paraphernalia. In the next section, the goal is to find all the pieces of inventory tools scattered on the scenery, and the silhouettes are replaced with pictures of the tools with a number indicating the amount of pieces left. In the final part, the gameplay is similar to that of an point-and-click adventure game, where the objective is to drag the reassembled tools from the inventory and use them on parts of the scenery in a logical way. The amulet sits under the right side interface, and serves as the hint button. It has five jewels set on its face, and the position of one of the required objects is highlighted by some graphic effects after clicking on them. Extra gems can be found and collected on the scenery.
Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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