Neverland Panoramik Inc. / Yahoo! Games 2008

This is a hidden object game with a "Alice in Wonderland" inspired plot. Most of the time the objective is to find all the things listed at the right side of the screen, on fantasy landscapes littered with moving toys. There are three ribbons at the top of the list, with icons for hints, pinwheels and whistles. When clicked, the hint ribbon shows the exact location of one of the required toys. The pinwheel creates two spinning fans around one of the list items. The fans spin faster and change color from blue to red when the cursor is near the object. The whistle stops the movement of the toys. A number beneath the ribbons shows the amount of uses left for each one. The ribbons can be charged by collecting their icons on the playfield. Some of the toys ask for things on the screen, awarding one random charging icon if the player drags and drops the required item on them. There is an optional mini-game between chapters. The projector game has three knobs that must be flipped back and forth to adjust the picture quality, while avoiding disruption by mischievous toys that come from the sides of the screen, trying to jump on them. In some locations all the objects keep going in and out of the screen, and the player must pay attention and click on the required toys while they are moving. In other places, the required objects keep appearing and disappearing from the screen.
Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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