Quenzar's Caverns Pulse Ventures Ltd. 1993

This is a shareware, single-player dungeon crawl type of game. The story behind the game is simple enough, the player is a mighty hero/heroine who has decided to rid the realm of Quenzar an evil wizard who is plotting to take over the kingdom. The game has two skill settings and, according to the accompanying description, an experienced player should complete it in under an hour. There is no save game function. The game area is split into four parts. In the upper left is a game map which consists of a 10x10 grid where each cell is a room. In the centre is a compass rose which the player uses to navigate the map and above this are two picture slots which show the current room’s contents. On the left are the characters statistics, strength, amount of gold found etc and below that are buttons for attack, defend, flee and so on. Underneath all of this is are two text boxes one describes the current room, the other lists the actions taken and their results so any messages are received here and in battle the results of each strike are shown here. The game plays in a window or in full screen mode and has randomly generated environments so each game should be different. The game environments are numbered and the player has the option of playing a random game or a specific numbered game, number 8655 is used as the tutorial game and is described in a walkthrough which, if played perfectly, can be completed in twenty moves. The object of the game is to find Queznar and kill him/her. However before the player can enter the lair they must search the rest of the rooms for the key and additional equipment, that means fighting monsters and avoiding traps and not wasting any weapons so they are fully armed when they enter Queznar's lair.
Full Demo 227kb (uploaded by myloch)

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