Fancy Century [Tw] Aoting / CyberJoy 2000

The developer's first game made in real-time 3D, not only with superb gorgeous backgrounds made in 3D, the battles are full of instant 3D performance. When fighting, players can change their perspective. It is rumored that the great God in the ancient "Age of the Era" created by his might the only piece of Pure Land of life and the world, and gave life to the task of multiplying and surviving on this earth. In addition, God created four huge stone walls at the same time. The reason for this is that the land should not be invaded by the outside world and the life should be protected. God has left infinite respect for the ban on all sides, Human beings do not know at all what is banned outside? Therefore, from the time when humankind has the knowledge and wisdom, various legends about the wall of prohibition have been circulated. There have also been human challenges to climb the wall of prohibition, hoping to climb out of the wall of prohibition and see what kind of world it is outside, Are there any survivors? As for the world outside the Forbidden Wall? Or a dark chaos? This is probably only something God will know. Fighting system - in the battle part is completely in real-time 3D way to show, fighting, players can arbitrarily change their perspective. The battle system is different from the RPG in the past. The protagonist and the enemy can move on the battlefield year. In battle, they must add strategic considerations and how to move our characters to the most advantageous positions. In the system part, after careful planning, rather than your knife I am a knife, players in the fight, you must be more strategic to think about each action. In an era of magic, can use a variety of different attributes of the magic of each other cases, so that players get more powerful new maneuver. In battle, you can call out a powerful magic, the appropriate use of the magic can reverse the urgent battle.
Chinese Repack ISO Demo v1.04 925MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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