Benjamin Blumchen: Das Berufespiel [G] Morgen Studios gmbh / KIDDINX Entertainment GmbH 2001

The birthday of Mr. Tierlieb is just around the corner. Benjamin and Otto want to surprise him so much with a very special gift: a big party in the zoo. Of course, the two lack the necessary money. But Karla Kolumna, the raging reporter, knows one thing: she has just received the latest job advertisements from Neustadt. In this game with Benjamin Bl├╝mchen and Otto, the little players can learn a lot of practical things this time, for example how to cultivate a garden, cook tomato sauce, repair heaters or what to look for when hauling ships at the harbor. For the maze game the arrow keys of the keyboard are needed. They are so well explained that children get used to it easily. Benjamin is fun to work with, because he cuts the hedge with the help of the user in a very special way, and the fact that the heating in the grocery store does not work has a funny reason. If you pay close attention, you will find Karla's camera, which she lost during her last reportage.
German ISO Demo 118MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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