Mega Man Sunrise DJ Coco 2016

This is a fan-made Gameboy-styled Mega Man (Classic) game. Some time in 20XX, Dr. Light had been researching new AI technology. His discoveries would find use in a new robot he was creating. Codenamed "Trance", she would've meant a breakthrough in terms of robot intelligence once complete. However, Dr. Wily feared the consequences of this project, so he brought it to an early end, destroying Trance. It wasn't until later that Dr. Wily realized such a robot's potential could work well in his favor. Now, Trance has fallen under the control of Dr. Wily, and has recruited four Robot Masters to take over the world. They are threatening to destroy all major cities across the globe by sunrise if the world governments do not surrender. So it's up to Mega Man to take on this latest threat. The story is well thought-out and actually fits with the styling of the five GB Mega Man titles, providing a fun little narrative tale and a brand-new Mega Man Killer named Trance (who is a woman, no less!). The robot masters are pretty unique and interesting.
Free Game 14MB (uploaded by DropBox)

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