Mega Man Revolution Fifth Independent 2013

A fan made game by a chip-tune and Famicom/NES style music artist who jumped at the chance to make a Mega Man (Classic) fan game. Originally started in 2002 as an on-going ten year long project which has slowly been added to, updated, and improved since the first version. The game has been finished and released on July 4, 2013. Development stopped for about 2 years until 2015 wherein the game was passed onto Sprites INC (AKA ACESpark), creator of the Mega Man's Christmas Carol series to finish it off. The new release is being made to fix the flaws of the original game and bring new content to the title. In the year 20XX, Dr. Wily has once again risen to Take Over the World. This time, he's using a new strain of Evil Energy to corrupt eight of Dr. Light's Robot Masters. As Dr. Light upgrades Mega Man in order for him to stand a chance against the new threat, a scientist named Dr. Nikola Remir appears, claiming to be an expert on Evil Energy. Meanwhile, Bass is upset that Wily is underutilizing him yet again. As he's already powerful enough to take on the Robot Masters himself, he goes on his own quest to prove himself to Wily once and for all. This includes, alongside other graphical and performance improvements, adding Proto Man himself as a third playable character.
Free Game v7.0 7.4MB (uploaded by Sprites Inc)
Free Game v8.7.5 Demo 8.1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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