Distortions Among Giants 2018

An episodic adventure game with music game features which tells the story of a woman who wakes up in a hospital bed in an unknown location after an accident. She notices that the time had stopped and all objects become alive only if she touches them. While traveling through the surrealistic realm with a giant, chained creature on the horizon, the protagonist is trying to discover how she got to this weird place and how to get back to the real world. The action is shown from a third-person perspective, but the game also contains 2D sequences. During the adventure the player faces logical challenges as well as arcade ones in which a magic violin is of key importance – the item enables the player to shape reality surrounding the character. Using the instrument was implemented in a way similar to classic music games like Guitar Hero and it requires pressing specific keys to the rhythm of the melodies coming from the speakers. Features: Use the power of music to shape in real time a stunning open world full of natural beauty and surreal environments; Experience a compelling story of perseverance, mystery, and memory; More than 15 hours of gameplay; Learn to use 5 unique abilities to tame or control fearsome creatures; Enjoy multiple gameplay styles – from side-scrolling and open-world exploration to innovative modular gameplay that changes with the rhythm of the story; Learn 3 different ways to play your violin.
Download: None currently available

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