Hide The Body Dan Kenny 2018

This is an intense, fast paced and unforgiving game of murder, mystery and love. Ok, maybe not so much the love. With 20 levels, you must race against time to erase any evidence of a crime before the cops bust in and pin it on you. You must use various tools in order to succeed. Do you have what it takes to Hide the Body? It's a game about timing. Perfect timing. You need to hide all elements of the crime in an unknown amount of time. The only indication of how much time you have is based on the rising music. The more intense it becomes, the less time you have. Use tools such as your hammer and hacksaw to hide bodies. The cloth is great for wiping away those pesky prints. While the bleach is always a good choice for those hard to remove blood stains. The launch release features 20 levels with more planned to come soon.
Download: None currently available

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