Basement Collection, The Edmund McMillen 2013

This is a collection of the Flash-based titles made by Edmund McMillen, similar to his earlier This is a Cry for Help. The game acts as a hub to play the different titles. Most of the included games were updated with additional features or edited versions with new music tracks. For Aether for instance, next to the regular game there are two other modes with a soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky and one by Laura Shigihara. All of the games have the hub controls on the left side of the screen to close the game, mute the sound, read the help section, or change from windowed to full screen and vice versa. The included games are: Aether, Meat Boy, Coil, Grey Matter, Spewer, Time Fcuk, Tri-achnid: Episode 1. Additional content includes: Audio Q&A about Coil; Character and development sketches for Coil; Deleted scene about Coil from Indie Game: The Movie; Soundtrack section. After completing some of the main games and unlock achievements, additional content and games become available: AVGN, Meat Boy: Map Pack, The Box (scans of McMillen's art at 3–5 years-old), The Chest (eight years of drawings from McMillen's sketchbooks), The Lonely Hermit (a children's story), Thicker Than Water (a 65-page virtual comic about McMillen's childhood). Four additional games can be found in the game directory, but they cannot be unlocked or played inside the main game: Carious Weltling, Carious Weltling II, Clubby the Seal, Viviparous Dumpling.
Full Demo 961MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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