World's Hardest Adventure, The A. Fielding and David Malmberg 1993

David Malmberg is the genius who brought us AGT in its "classic" and its "enchanced" formats. This text adventure starts out in that most cliched of adventure game settings: you are before a house(mansion, I mean). Get in and get the treasures and get the hell out. EBut in this game, the settings are familiar by design... in this game, familiar rooms and settings and storylines are a confusion tactic. Simply put, this game is your enemy. It hates you. You do not have to do anything wrong to get killed in this game. Walk around for a few moves and find out. You'll die. A wizard will pop up and say you've spent too long on the adventure: eat dirt! Zork II anyone? Or you'll get eaten by a cyclops, swallowed by the ground, eviscerated by a gluttonous blob. Luckily, dying in this game doesn't mean a whole lot. Yes, you do get pushed back to the starting room but you still have all your items and everything you've done to alter the gaming environment remains the same. Of course, if you die twenty or so times the game will really end, but there's a couple of cool commands called "save" and "restore" that might help you get around that. Use them! As soon as you realize trying the "direct" approach to gain entry into the house is doomed to failure, you begin to explore your surroundings. It shouldn't take you long to encounter several scenes of pure unadulterated plagiarism.
Free Game 196kb (uploaded by myloch)

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