Stone Mist 2: Legend of the Overfiend Bit Brother Software 1993

This is a 3/4 perspective, animated VGA role playing game. The world is called Stone Mist, a huge medieval domain, similar in technological achievements accomplished during Earths own Middle Ages. All of Stone Mists gods, legends and lore are based on the actual beliefs and superstitions of the people during the Middle Ages. A heavy dose of Norse mythology is also present in the cultures of Stone Mist. Stone Mist is an entity, its own world, a world wracked by violence looking for a hero. After this shareware game is registered, you get an expanded game world and new lands to explore. Also new chapters in the "Druidic Sanctuary" saga. Now take on quests to retreive an ancient axe, new magical herbs and spells and more exotic locales to explore. The continuation of the Stone Mist saga, finally entreach yourself with the most evil of all beings in the world. Restore the Earth Goddess to her majestic throne and watch all be reborn through her leadership. NEW game features: a revamped magic system, more spells, more weapons, new monsters, lots of new locales to visit and more. Also includes more printed docs and an all inclusive atlas of the Stone Mist world.
Full Demo 624kb (uploaded by myloch)

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