Benjamin Blumchen: Wie geht das? Die Zeit [G] BVM Produktion / KIDDINX 2001

The first episode of a new CD-ROM series with Benjamin Bl├╝mchen. For kids (ideal age 4-6 years) exciting trips with Benjamin and his friend Otto are waiting in the world of knowledge. This time the two have a lot of topics ready to explore together with the child in front of the screen. Let's start with the time In the workshop of Master Ticketack there are a lot of watches and other interesting things. They can be clicked on in three levels, first the green, then the yellow, then the red click points, this results in a certain sequence of learning objectives. How do you create day and night or the seasons? Let's take a rocket into space and have a look from above. Wonderful how the hands of the clock explain themselves and argue about who is the most important of the three. What time is it with the kids in Australia, America, Russia when the kid is eating dinner in Africa? You can also turn the earth yourself and see what Benjamin, Otto or Master Ticketack do at different times of the day. Master Ticketack has a TV. In it run small films: How a cake is baked, a tower is built, dried up a pepper or a sunflower blooms. Yes, yes, everything takes time. Of course there is much more to discover, including an idea book that includes tips and tricks for printing: for example, a self-made watch, the recipe for a watch cake or a memory to paint, cut and play. With beautiful graphics, funny animations and lively dialogues, the complicated topic of time is worked up very simply for the smallest users. Once they know how to handle the computer mouse, they can easily click through the game alone.
German ISO Demo 146MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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