Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia ProjectDread 2015

This is a Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia inspired game built with Dominus Engine, a modified version of Clickteam Fusion, and although it aims to make it play similarly to Order of Ecclesia it's going to have several unique features and design choices. Story elements and gameplay mechanics are still up in the air as nothing is really finalized yet. Current Features in Tech Demo: Flash build available and HTML5 planned (near future); Most physics are implemented, including - Walking, Jumping, Double Jumping (possible upgrade), Crouching, Slide Kicking (possible upgrade, does not currently damage enemies), Back Dashing, and Slope Detection; Basic attack system (supports multiple physical glyph weapons although only the Sword is currently available); Basic damage recoil system (attack differs depending on player state); Functional mana system (attacking drains MP, cannot attack when MP is zero); Basic enemy system, includes re-spawning zombies; Wygol village exterior map (ripped by Geckosan). Planned Features: HTML5 build and export options; HP system and death (not hard to do, most likely will come sooner rather than later); Castlevania-styled camera system (functional prototype complete, just not included in the Tech Demo); Pause screen, menu system; Multiple selectable glyph weapons; Different enemy variation; HP Increase item / MP Increase item. Roadmap Ideas (open to suggestions): Weapon elemental abilities; Enemy elemental resistances; Leveling system.
Free Game v1.17 + Dominus Engine v0.57b 15MB+25MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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