Benjamin Blumchen: Das Bauernhofspiel [G] Kiddinx 2001

Benjamin and Otto drive in episode 5 of the game series to Bauer Humph in the Bavarian mountains. But what happened there? The harvest is just around the corner and farmer Humpe has broken his leg. He can not feed the animals and the shop of Resi Humpe is not supplied. No problem: Benjamin jumps in with his friend Otto and the kid on the screen is still there and helps diligently. They harvest fruits and vegetables, collect chicken eggs, milk a cow and grind flour. Exciting how such a mill works. What is the difference between wheat, oats and barley? Attention: The carrots must be properly pulled out of the ground and the grains scattered on the meadow so that the chickens leave their nests. Children (ages 5 to 9 years) can look forward to a charming animated country life, such as the beautiful blue butterfly, the teapots in Resis shop or the sunflowers, after the watering can was found. There are subtle little game ideas, shiny graphics and a perfectly thought-out interactive space - the help file on the CD-ROM will definitely not be needed. In addition to the ghost game, this is perhaps the most successful game of the series. Of course there is also a poster and things to print.
German ISO Demo 91MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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