Prokletí Eridenu [Cz] Zima Software 1997

The Curse of Eriden is a classic square dungeon of the old school by Czech artists. The story revolves around the mysterious, enchanted city of Eriden, in which all life is locked into four magical mirrors. Your hero will go up to eight levels to destroy this magical mirror and free the city of Eriden from his curses. You can choose from nine of the available characters to visit locations such as the cemetery, the desert, the enchanted forest, the diamond mines and, of course, the underground. The basic status of the character is divided into three different attributes - strength, mana and health. In addition to dozens of items to equip your hero, you must also take care of his needs, such as hunger and thirst. The title came quite late, at the very end of the dungeon era. Since 1999, the full version of the Eriden Curse has been downloadable free of charge from the Internet.
Freeware Czech ISO Demo 29MB (uploaded by DJ Old Games)

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